Friday, April 27, 2012

My Copic Storage System....

Oh geesh---
I just logged into Blogger
and it's all DIFFERENT
God save us!
Someone got bored
and had to make changes...

Let's have a sip of coffee
and give it a shot.

I don't have that many Copic markers
but I needed a better system
to keep like colors together and save myself time
when I do get time to sit down and play...
I posted a link awhile back
that had an idea using the Close To My Heart
My Acrylix Storage Box(es)
that house our stamps...

and  plastic mesh
but I wasn't real crazy about it...
(the plastic mesh idea, that is--the box works perfectly!)
it  The mesh just didn't cut it for me...literally.
I came up with this instead...
When I got a marker recently
an empty box was used to help with packing...
 and it got my thinking...
why not make my own...?
So here's what I did...
cut cardstock at 5"x5 1/2"
score along the 5 1/2" side at 1/2", 2 1/2", 3" and 5"
then flip it and score at the 4 1/2" mark
then cut along those vertical  score lines at the bottom
just up to the horizontal score line...
this folds in to make the bottom of the box...
It should look something like this--a little less blurry, tho!
 Fold it up, tape it together
and this is the finished box...
  The container, with the 3 plastic dividers,
will hold 3 boxes across, and 4 deep per division-
that's a total of what---36 boxes
and each box holds 3 markers---
so that's--wait-calculator coming out...
I can only dream of having that many!
As you can see-I've stored my sharpies in there
along with a few other odd markers I tend to use a lot
AND left one section open to store the Copic refills
(I do have a box a I will dedicate to those (Copic refills) specifically
should my collection grow!
their customer service and shipping is top notch plus!
Their website pages are very slow loading-
but their shipping and delivery make up for it by far!
Best prices I've found, too...check them out!
And they have gift certificates---hint hint)

I also *think* the Memento stamp pad would fit there as well...
will have to check on that!
It's not a "perfect" system---as my grandmother would say...
trying tried to make a silk purseout of a sow's ear...
but it works for me for now.
The groups of three
holds the shades of the color families I go to most...
right there together...
and then I just store the box
in a basket with the color swatch booklet
that helps me keep track of which colors I have.
Handy dandy.

 Here's something that's made me smile as well...

This amaryllis was broken from the weight of the four blossoms
and one bud...
so we cut it and brought it inside...

and the bud opened as well!
That's FIVE BLOOMS on that stalk!
It's lasted since Sunday...
so, so pretty...
here's a pic from our front deck this week...

 Gotta love the zoom on my Canon Elph Powershot 310!
That seagull shows up--as does the sailboat!
Had I gone up on our widow's walk I could have eliminated
the neighbor's house...but I didn't.
I still think it's a pretty picture!

I am off to make an anniversary card
for a friend of mine...
they will be celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary
next week...
guess for some
"once upon a time"
really does turn into
"happily ever after..."!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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