Saturday, April 21, 2012

Something for Saturday...

Despite still feeling blue and struggling
(I won't lie--I am quite sad and depressed right now...)
I still wanted to get my
"end of tax season" celebration gift
to my dear friend Betsy
who's a CPA.
I was late-as usual.
I had to pick it up in Wilmington
and just didn't get there until my doctor's appt. this week.

I watched a great tutorial video
on a pop-up card

It's a new take on a pop-up card
and I gotta say-
I saw it and rushed in and tried it...
you can, too

I really, really liked it
I wanted it a little bigger--
and that wasn't hard to fix at all--just cut my paper a little wider
but, if you know me,
I wanted pop dots on that pop up part...
like this...
well drat-typical for the way things are going-
you can't actually see what I popped up!
Trust me-that gal is popped up on the beach towel
as is her drink....
How'd I do that?
Instead of just cutting a straight slit with my paper laid out
the way Dawn showed you...
I folded it in half....
and then, starting 1/2" from the end,
I cut DOWN 1/4" ---I did this on both ends...
and THEN I cut across...

When I open the paper back out...
I have this...
much like the opening in a Kleenex box...!
And plenty of room for that pop up part to pop---
even with Pop-Dots!

The card folds flat for mailing....
Now I will add--that I tried at first
to add a piece of white card stock to the back of the pop up part
to write a message on--
The weight of it made it flop backwards too much.
I solved that
by putting it on the bottom of the box instead!

Now-I don't have Stampin' Ups score tool--obviously
that has tons of score lines-
the Score Pal is limited in that department--
but here's what I happened upon last week
as I was working on our groupie kits...

That's it for today.
Resisting the urge to go back to bed
and pull the covers over my head...
I will try and do some flylady things
and maybe a few more cards.
It only took me 3 hours last night
just to upload my delinquent tutorial for
but I got it done!
(My apologies-again-to Roberta and Corry)
Not sure when it will post there but,
when it does,
I will post it here.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.


canadian_liner said...

Thanks for sharing this pop-card idea/tutorial. I LOVE your version with the Footloose paper... Your friend will adore her card!

Dawn B. said...

I am loving this sentiment.. SO me. It has been gloomy and dull here so I want to go back to bed too. Your tutorial is great..