Thursday, January 21, 2010

Misc. thoughts on a (rainy) Thursday...

Hi all. I've not been able to post much this week...but I have a few things to share. Yesterday when I woke up, my left eye was hurting and I was very tired still. Then I read my e-mail. Theresa always keeps me laughing-and that was the case yesterday morning, too. I laughed so hard...I had tears streaming down, my pj top was soaked with them and the cats were "spooked" by mom's strange behavior. I am talking belly laugh down to your toes laughing! It was a great way to start the day!
Even though I had what seemed like 101 errands to run, I had time at lunch-while I ate lunch, actually-to peek at Split Coast Stampers new tutorial on how to make a card with a spinner part in the middle. OH YEAH---gotta try that one!
I've got a number of projects planned out for things to take to the local shop who sells my things. I just need to find time to sit down and DO THEM! Hopefully Sat.
Sunday...Theresa and I are planning on going to Wilmington to hit our usual haunts (or what's left of them!)--ACM, Michaels, Joann's. I've GOT to make Theresa a wallet (again, SCS idea) before we go so she can hang on to my coupons I always loose!) and, if I remember, I need to take the Score Pal and the new cutter I got so I can measure fabric at Joann's to make a carrying bag that will fit both. Need something somewhat light but sturdy to give it a bit of a "framework". Am hoping to find some pretty robin's egg blue and brown fabrics...ohhh! That would be nice!
OH OH OH---The Stamp Queen herself e-mailed me and she is having an overnight book class on Feb. 6th!!! I am trying to convince THeresa to go with me---we NEED a girl trip!!! And that would be so much fun. Otherwise I may have to convince my hubby to take me up, drop me off and pick me up again-which is not much fun for him...but I know he'd do it if I need him to.
Well--better go get ready for my "real" job. After 1 today, I am free to clean house (company coming tomorrow) and THEN to do some crafty things to post. Until then, happy stamping and scrapping--and-go check out the SCS tutorial--it's amazing! Blessings, Sharon

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