Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Saturday Morning...

Good SATURDAY morning! Blogger is not being the least little bit cooperative this am so who knows what you'll get and see! Sarah from Stressed Stamper e-mailed and asked where I got the image I used on the countdown calendar. This delightful gal is by Art Impressions (circa 1996!/#L-1549) She is one of my favorite go-to stamps! I just love paper piecing her outfits and adding Crystal Effects to her shoes to make them shine! I used her on a card I submitted some years back to PaperCrafts Birthday Bash Card Contest--and she won. Naturally they picked the card I threw together in 15 minutes or less as I was running out the door to work over the more labor-intensive ones that I thought were nicer! Go figure-just glad I WON! Now this cutie I used on the Christmas Countdown Calendars I did for the local art shop to sell. And they didn't-sell, that is. I thought they would make cute little hostess/girlfriend gifts but apparently not. You just never know what will sell-and what won't.
While I do not remember the artist's name for this stamp (nor do I have a clue where it is right now to check!), I do know that I got her from 7 Kids College Fund. She is a clear stamp and lots of fun to color!
I had another fan ask about the wallets...I cannot take credit for the design of the wallets-that came from Split Coast Stampers and, while I love their site it can be a pain the patootie to try and navigate. So I suggest googling Faux Leather Wallet Tutorial-Split Coast Stampers. It will bring it up that way. YES, this is all PAPER-and a little ribbon!!! (Dry) embossing the paper, then covering it with clear embossing powder and heating it gives it the texture and shine and really does make it look like the real deal! I love these! I also slipped a "divider" into mine since I am using it to store receipts, appointment cards and my coupons-well, coupons until Theresa takes them away from me for safer keeping! Lol. You know-all those little tidbits that get lost in the rest of the purse!
Ok ladies. I've GOT to go clean the craft room before I can get anymore done. THere isn't even a path anymore! Dangerous...I'm telling ya! Have a great day--THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for leaving comments--my self-esteem has taken a real blow lately and just hearing from you has helped! Whatever you do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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