Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just call me "Grumpy"...!

Mornin' all. The kitties DID let me sleep-at least until 7-and then I went back to bed for another 2 1/2 hrs. --UNHEARD OF for me to sleep that late. Cold still raging and now I am beginning to itch from the allergic reaction to the antibiotic. The house is a disaster and my darling husband tells me he wants to bring someone over to look at the floors and counters (our floor tiles are coming loose-have been, slowly, for sometime-so WHY do we have to deal with it today? I gently tried to point that who knows!) But what really, really added to my TAYLORED EXPRESSIONS response to the stamp set I received from them. Did I was all cut out---the other I had to cut. Well, I sat down yesterday morning to do just that. The set is called Discover Your Wings. I've cut out plenty of stamps in my day. I know how to do it. You must trim carefully and closely to the image without "undercutting" the foam backing. It was completely IMPOSSIBLE to do with this set! The stamps were so close together with such details that I don't think there's one stamp out of 12 that the foam isn't chopped to pieces around the edges. This creates a problem when you try to stamp your image as the rubber image is no longer evenly supported. And don't even think about trying to store the set in the plastic enve it comes in. Too thin, too small to go back in.
So--I contacted TE. Told them of my first, unhappy experience. Their response? "We've NEVER had anyone complain about that before...!" and "$7 of the cost of the set goes to charity-please go read what the charity is about" and yet still, "Oh, the plastic enve is only for shipping or sale purposes. You need to buy our storage case for thus and so $..." I'm here to tell you---when a company tells me that they have NEVER had anyone complain about that before---well, that's a MAJOR red flag to me that it's a lie and cover up!!! They've got the pat answer down pat. And while I am all for $ being donated to charity...does that give cause to selling cut-rate (pun intended) product?! I paid hard-earned money and deserve to receive a quality product. And tell me I should go and buy their storage stuff....what part of "I am dissatisfied with your products do you not understand?!!!
Stampin' Up stamps...come in great plastic storage boxes. The Close to My Heart Stamps come in the heavy-duty envelopes (which I have and you can buy empty, use a piece of stencil plastic, attach your unmounted stamps and whala! they are all neatly stored in the same manner.) I may not have been able to get any SATISFACTION from Taylored Expressions....but that doesn't stop me from telling about my not-so-satisfied experience with this company. Unfortunately, there's one more set I want. Bummers. Anyway-think twice before you buy from them.
I will have a picture or two later today (I hope) of a project-or two. Have a wonderful Saturday and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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