Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Woe is me...

I'd say "happy Tuesday ya'll..." but I, personally, would rather go back to bed, pull the covers up and hide. And its only 8:19 am! So...we had company this week-end. My step-son and daughter-in-law came to visit. I made this wallet for Dawn Saturday night and left it to dry but the slipped out early (before I got up) Sunday am so here it sits. I am experimenting with different closures as my magnets just do not hold. The velcro seems to work nicely IF you are gentle with it. This was some paper I've had for ages in my stash--I embossed it backwards but thought it still looks nice. I've fallen in love with this butterfly image (Taylored Expressions) and the blue glitter is from Martha Stewart.
Also on Saturday morning, at some point, I think Inky was playing with Poppa Cat and got clawed in the eye. Naturally, about the time I discovered it, the vet's office was closing. So we used Poppa Cat's drops and just kind of gently wiped it over the week-end. "Momma" being concerned that a claw or something was actually stuck in there...we went to the vet's yesterday. Well, just a good "t-shaped" 2 scratches. This is, however, the second trip to the vet with the second cat in 2 months. On a whim, the vet suggested cat claw covers. I have threatened that over the years to other cats...and, since we were there, since he was sedated anyway, since he is the one that is usually pummeling the other cat in the face with his claws...I said "why not!" I now have one VERY UNHAPPY KITTY! Not only has it thrown his balance off, he has no "grip" to climb with...and actually fell in the toilet twice last night trying to get to the sink to get a drink. He has been meowing/crying unhappily off and on (all through the night)--and he is NOT a vocal cat. I thought I was doing a good thing...and they are a pretty robin's egg blue...but he is not happy and, therefore, Momma is not happy. It was worth a try. And maybe they will stay on long enough and be enough of a lesson that he will stop pummeling Poppa Cat. The nails will have to grow out or he may chew them off (ow!)--but its just going to take time. Me-I am tired and sore and cold and...have to go to work! Theresa and I had fun in Wilm on Sunday and found some great bargains but between that being a late day, and running yesterday with Ink...Momma is worn out! Go do something FUN for me today-until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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