Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy SWEET 16, TT!

No, I don't have her card done---yet! It's in my head, tho! I know exactly what I want to do---when I have time to do it! This sweet, sweet gal---tags along with her mom amd I without complaint shopping literally until our legs are about to fall off. As long as we remember to feed her (preferably Wendy's or McD's) she's happy. She always has a hug and a smile for me. Is most appreciative of anything you do or give to her and keeps us laughing. I am so blessed to know her. So-happy birthday, TT from me and the cats...-your card might be late, but I am thinking about you on your special day!
So---I looked at the calendar---yowzers---our class is coming up quick and have I made and designed our project yet---?! Uh, NO! So... I pulled out one of my books that's been collecting dust on my shelf. I could cheat-I could take the Life Delights book, measure the papers and remake the same layouts with the new embellishments and papers. But--don't think that's fair to the gals who made that first one. So--I picked out new designs-got some GREAT ideas I want to try. Now ya'll can pray. Math is not my strong point! Figuring out how much of which papers I can use for what and have enough for the entire book/project...well, I'm worried. Maybe Theresa will take pity on me! When we did the first book, she helped me cut the kits and came up with a better way than CTMH did on their directions and we had more paper leftover to do some other things with. HINT HINT HINT! Lol.
I am really conflicted today then--I need to go to work and do the newsletter (kinda like scrapbooking on the computer...!), but I also want to stay home and do TT's card and work on the book! Sigh. Oh well. Better go to work--need the $ for shopping sprees with TT and Theresa-not to mention vet visits, trips to the pool (the relief from the pain lasted 3 whole days! I am impressed!) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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artfulwhimsies said...

Thanks!! I will show her this later when she is home from school.