Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A LIGHTBULB moment...

Ok---so I got a new "toy" today--er, TOOL--should say TOOL--sounds more professional and besides, THE Stampqueen says "You've got to have the right TOOLS..." -and remember Tim the Tool-man Taylor?! Ok-so I got a new TOOL-the Bind It All...no, I didn't take pics of it, but it is CUTE! I got the best deal I've seen on the web the whole 2-3 years I've been looking at it. It came with a cute little tote bag for it and when I went on-line I saw the cute little pink TOOL KIT (pliers, wire cutters, scissors, etc.) that matches it. I have those things-in fact, my oldest step-son proudly gave me a whole set of little pliers, cutters, etc.-and I even made a pretty quilted bag for them. But-I digress...one thing this little kit had was a non-slip ruler. Now I was one of those who rushed out and bought the Basic Gray magnetic cutting mat and ruler. And promptly chopped it to pieces (the mat is extremely thin and wasn't the best choice I've ever made!). Basic Gray did replace it...but you've got to use the magnetic mat with the magnetic ruler. Not something I want to always pull out and you have to cut CAREFULLY. But I got to thinking about the ruler...Nora was in search of non-slip rulers when she was teaching us mosaic scrapbooking. My mind flitted to the bow-makers I had my husband make...that I put the shelf stuff on the bottom of to keep them from slipping...HELLO---shelf stuff---keeps them from SLIPPING?! When I find my trusty wooden ruler, you can bet I am going to cut a piece of SHELF STUFF (I have the kind that is like a tight, rubber mesh--) and hot glue it to my ruler...I bet it stops slipping! How quick, easy and CHEAP is that?! Ohhh-and I just remembered---I also have some 6" rulers I got at a yard sale!~ Go me---! So-that's my tip for the day. Oh-wait. Someone isn't going to know what a bind it all is---it is a little (pink!)machine that punches holes in chipboard, paper, etc. so you can (wire) bind a book--it's almost like little loops vs. a true "spiral" bind. It makes a very nice, clean looking binding and I am sure we'll use it in a class at some point!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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