Saturday, February 6, 2010

cHaOs in the Kingdom...!

Good Saturday morning! Just thought I would show you what happens in my "magic kingdom" when the "Queen" decides to create! I started out to clean this up for the gazillionth time yesterday (I must confess-this is the DINING ROOM table and its been like this for-well, never mind!) Anyway, first I got sidetracked making the tag for the new Big Shot that done...and then decided that this little lady would make a cute plaque, too-so had to try that-why not-I had all the stuff out anyway...I did manage to get the dishwasher unloaded and loaded-my whole housework agenda for the day! As I said yesterday, this is an image from Mo's Digital stamp site (see link on sidebar) and, some days, I just really feel like her...2 years old (even though my inner child is 4!) and cranky! I took some pink sheer ribbon and ran a gathering stitch through one side and then hot glued it down just high enough under her arm and tummy that it doesn't show. Then colored, cut and layered her upper body on top of it with pop dots (of course). I popped up her little foot she's ready to stomp, too but it's kinda hidden under the skirt. I did add a little glitter to the skirt--a Queen must have glitter! The flower had just happened to have fallen on the floor and I thought "hmmm...that will work!" Then I used the big shot and a new swirly embellishment for the corner.
Well, my mini cooper fund took a hit last night. You see, there's a scrapbook store in Myrtle Beach that has allowed us crafters to bring in our "I love it, gotta have it but never used it" supplies and put them up for sale in exchange for store and class credit. I've got a Rubicoil machine...and have drooled over the bind it all. This store is having the above mentioned sale again. So last night I was perusing e-bay and found the beginner kit (incl. machine), coils, pages and case...for one of the best prices I have ever seen. Did I mention free shipping? So...I bit the bullet and hit the buy it now button. I will pack up my Rubicoil and coils and take to the sale. Ya never know--it may sell, it may not. As my husband says, I spent $ to save $! I will be doing another tag for that bag (which is pink) -- and I think I will use "Two Jill" from Mo's site. And then, hmm, maybe "Stepsisters" for the regular tool bag. I am on another kick, can you tell?!

We had such wind and rain here last night it reminded me of the year "Hurricane No Name" came through! We were rocking and rolling, that's for sure. Theresa took exception to not having a cat here's PC just for her...he's not been feeling to great the last day or so...not sure what's up but he got a hairball remedy treat just for the heck of it. Well, I need to get that table cleared and who knows-maybe Theresa and I will get to play together today-or tomorrow. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

"Yes, your HiGhness...I am at your service!"
yeah, right-first, it's a CAT...and then it's a
MALE cat at that! lol!

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artfulwhimsies said...

Thanks!!! I got to see the other 2 in the last post- but needed this little friend too! Love the tutu by the way.