Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby, it SNOWED outside...!

We woke up to a white world this morning! Before we went to bed last night, I stuck my headout the front door and said, "No-no snow..." I had only looked at our deck, which was clear. My husband, however, opened the door and said "It's snowing like crazy!" He looked beyond the deck! Lol. It was coming down in big white flakes. Now, I grew up in snow country, and he did to, so this really isn't as big a deal to us as it is to the "native" islanders! But, I have to confess, it was pretty this morning when everything was quiet and covered in white. He set each of the cats out the back door and they weren't sure what to make of it! This cold, wet, 3"+ white stuff just wasn't in their "hard drive" as he says and they all dashed back inside after one or two steps! We bundled up and went out and about to take some photographs. And that's where the scrapbooking comes in...I realized as I was snapping away that I was looking for the um, not so typical shots...what would make a good layout...a background...a close up highlighted pic? Yep, a scrapbooker at heart. Maybe Joel will send me that camera and photography info "someday" and I will take a few classes. For now, this is what I got, and I think they are pretty good! And the one of the walkway to the beach? I think I should get a summer family shot and superimpose it--? It's that, or the funny glasses I gave Buzz and Theresa! I'd better go refill the coffee cup and get onto making some VALENTINE'S---time is running out! Until next time, enjoy the pics and happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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