Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can you help...

I am looking for---some SENSATIONAL but yet QUICK and EASY Thanksgiving placecard ideas. You see, the StampQueen sometimes has this weird thing happen where things just JUMP right out of my 'lil 'ol mouth before the brain engages...! Oops! The preschool is having their family Thanksgiving dinner on the 11th--and guess who volunteered to make 28 kids and then how many adult placecards?! Hmmm....I was thinking Thanksgiving-that's at least 2-3 weeks away---and THEN I looked again (yes, I typed their calendar in the first place!) at their schedule! So oops! Gotta be quick, easy and yet I want something really special, too. Ms. Marilyn the director is using this as a "dry run" for the wee ones to practice their manners and learn about trying at least one spoonful of something whether they think they will like it or not-and then the right responses in case they don't! They are more apt to try something different if their friends are! I was really impressed by her approach with this and had so much fun doing their treat bags! So---HELP! In the mean time--pray Theresa and I won't freeze our pootooties off this Sat if someone inside doesn't cancel and we're still stuck with our booth outside instead of in...! Brrrr---it's a cold one today for sure! I DID...find the price gun! I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER over that!!! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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