Friday, November 12, 2010

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So--I FINALLY got a whole nights sleep (the first in days!)--and it feels so good! The "boys" all behaved quite nicely and were quiet as church mice and I had no pain through the night (woke up with a few aches from sore muscles but am functioning!). So here I sit with my coffee and reading e-mail before I start the days decluttering...and I read a testimonial to Flylady. The gal talked about wanting to have more time to do her art work---as did her friend--and they got on the Flylady bandwagon. They started their own blog to document their journey. Well, the first post was by Tracy---and she was showing the treasures she "found" in her house to repurpose and use in other areas (like my mugs I used as planters that were gathering dust and taking up space in the attic!) and she posted a pic of her cat, Briar Boy snuggled in between two pillows-could've been my INKY! So then I go on and I read Kel's post--and she talking about how things just weren't working with she and her husband....and she went to counseling...and how we use the word "try" in our language and hey---I've had my share of husband issues of late---and her story sounds a lot like mine---I clicked with these two gals in two posts! It's all about Flylady--making time for what's important and changing our screwed up ways of thinking---and doing!
So go check out --I cannot wait to have another 15 mins. to read more of their blog! I am so excited!
More trash---went out the door last night-linens and towels and---you know-the ratty thread-bare mismatched stuff that just takes up space. So what's staying is all getting a fresh washing today, and also what can be donated will, too-the rest is in the trash bin-even bypassing the rag bags-we already have TONS of those. This is what I worked on last night---my "fun" time! I had framed the larger picture of "THE KISS" as I call it (Theresa took this on our wedding day-we were married in our new sanctuary at church then did family photos on the beach afterward.) but it looked "lost" and lonely. So I added the little glass dish of grass I found for $5 at a local consignment shop, tied some SU ribbon on it (I LOVE that ribbon! SO SOFT and easy t use!) and it still was lacking! I had what I thought at the time was an extra pic of "THE SMILE" on my groom's face and just trimmed it down and tucked it in the corner. Bingo! I either just lucked into it or its that 3-thing they talk about in decorating but I LOVE this new arrangement on the corner of my desk! Of course I had supervision! He was actually up there checking out a spot on the wall above it where I had taken another photo down. I think he thought it was a bug as he was all tense and ready to pounce and Momma could just see it wasn't going to end well! It did-this is what he did instead! AHHH--looks like he's loving on it and thinking "this is my momma and poppa!" Brook says I project too much!Theresa comes today to help me decide what to put back up on the walls where. I am asking for prayer here---you see, my darling husband has 3 boys (he lost the 4th a few years back in a motorcycle accident). He LOVES his boys. And I do, too. They are fine young men and we're gaining great daughter's-in-law...but our walls had become scrapbook pages--literally every wall space had photos of some sort chronicling their childhood. When I started cleaning, I took ALL art and photos down--except for the one living room wall that has some shelves with recent photos---and the "case" of photos that are on two walls above my desk (photos below). I've asked Theresa to help me pick and choose-even maybe move some furniture although our nest is quite small and not a lot of options. But like I said, darling husband isn't here right now, and I am sure when he sees the finished project, he's going to be in shock. I am and I am doing it! It will look a lot less cluttered-I feel like I can BREATHE---but there will be a lot less photos as well. I will tuck them in a place that they will be accessible-and I am willing to even make books for them if he likes (although he just scanned thousands of them and created photo books for each of the boys and us last Christmas!) What I am getting at is---I don't want him to feel I've mmm, "minimized" the boys in any way--I don't think it's healthy to be surround by so much of the past that you sometimes miss the joy of the present and the past makes the present a bit tainted by "well, I won't get that time back again..." Not sure I am making sense-just pray, please, that he will take time to digest the differences and live with it a few days or so rather than just reacting to the shock. In all fairness, I have also packed away some of my knicknacks and photos, etc. as well--we can always change things out later on and have something new and different. I am blessing others with the things that I just don't absolutely love anymore---and it's so freeing! I am so much more relaxed even though time is running down and I still have a lot I want to do--it will work, it will happen-I am so much closer to my goal than a week ago--I just keep repeating that to myself. Oh-and on the pictures-I can always tell him "well, honey, we keep hoping for GRANDKIDS and we need room for their pictures when they come along!" wink. Back to it! Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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