Thursday, November 11, 2010

I almost forgot!!!

In the middle of my dashing and trashing and....Theresa and I met with the caterer yesterday to plan the food for THE CROP! Ummmm....let me tell you--my tummy was rumbling and my taste buds tingling just from her ideas! Heck with the crop-I think I would show up just for the FOOD and the CHAIR MASSAGE! Lol! The girl talk and time might be fun, too! ; ) What crop? What are you missing?
Saturday, January 15, 2011--10 AM-4 PM--Boiling Spring Lakes, NC at the Boiling Springs Lakes Recreation Center. Pre-registration of $ 20.00 reserves your spot, guarantees a goodie bag, chances at drawings, make and takes. An additional $ 12.00 saves a spot in the MASSAGE THERAPIST'S chair for a 10-minute massage!
Boy howdy-it sounds like a GOOD TIME to me after all the Christmas chaos (admit it-we did it to ourselves yet again despite our best intentions!) It's time for some serious ME TIME as I call it--no kids, no family---a few new friends...and maybe get a few pictures scrapped and some pages stamped as a bonus! Got questions? E-mail Theresa and I at or just call the BSL Rec Center at 910.845.3683 and sign up. Did I mention if you bring a group of 3 or more you each get $ 1 off your registration? Want this as a gift? Tell hubby, kids, mom, sister-whoever--to call and we'll make sure they get a nice handmade gift certificate to tuck in your stocking! Easy one-stop shopping if you ask me! Ok-back to the housework! Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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