Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting Closer...

I used to say "I wish it were so-and-so" day of the week"---and my late husband would say, "don't wish your life away!" I never really put much thought into that-being the type A-rush about to get 90 gazzillion things done. I am learning. It took the trip to to the ER (ya would think losing a spouse to cancer would get the point across!)--but I am learning...
My youngest step-son and girlfriend are due in tomorrow. I am down to my flylady home blessing hour! GO ME! Am I completely decluttered and where I want that process to be? No. But its good enough! He will see a significant change. And I am happy with the progress I have made. I just tell my bratty inner child to shut up and leave me alone when I start hearing about how I've fallen short...there's still this box or that pile. I refuse to listen to her and choose Flylady's kind words about being proud of me for the changes I've made, the progress-gently reminding myself that it didn't get this way in a day --and it won't get better overnight.
So--I am so much closer than I've ever been before to being company-ready!
I am also getting closer to being able to work on some Christmas projects: 11 gift bags to prepare for a friend's order, Christmas card order, some new things I want to try for preschool and staff gifts...and, since I organized, an impromptu craft show! Theresa and I will be traveling to Topsail for a craft show we hadn't planned on doing-until now!--on Dec. 4th. Since my stuff was all neatly put away and labeled, I can pull it out and go! No fret and worry! So I am looking forward to all of that...
I am also exactly one week away from my new doctor's appointment! Yes, I am still in some pain (I think I have a gall stone that's SLOWLY moving and will hopefully be leaving the body soon--sorry if that's tmi!)--and patience with me is running thin (my darling husband is quite worried...)--but it's not unbearable and I really do not want a repeat of the nightmare experience from our local hospital and my former MD. A good laugh? I told a friend I wish I could find a dr. for me as good as our vet-and she just said, "Ask your vet who she goes to!" Well---duh! So I did! She laughed-she's not been to a dr. in sometime but one of her staff recommended an internist (another thing dh has been suggesting...) so it's just a matter of time. I've said it before and I will say it again---if your physician does not listen to you, does not welcome your questions, does not answer your questions and poo-poo's alternative therapies...FIND A NEW PHYSICIAN! Do not pass go. Please. Just because they have "MD" after their name does not mean they are God. Bottom line-I MAY have to have surgery-but I am going to understand what other options are available, what other therapies I might try-and save surgery as a last resort--not first as the former MD's answer was as she was "too busy to listen!". God put it there for a reason-I am not too crazy about having parts taken out! End of soap box!
Looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day tomorrow-blog hopping and maybe even some crafting until the kiddos arrive. DH cooks-GOD BLESS THE MAN!!--so I am relegated to assisting (which means dishes and making things fit in the fridge-or finding things in the fridge!).
Until then, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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