Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm not just FLYING...

I AM SOARING!!! And I even threw a craft project in the mix--plants-mugs-dirt-mix? Ok-so the cats have had me up two morning at 4 AM--and then last night I had some sort of something attack (the last one sent me to the ER...this one passed more quickly! Thank God!) Ok--so this is what I was up to a few minutes ago... Here's the "before" pic of the kitchen window---my husband doesn't like a curtain above it-he likes looking at the stars when he snacks at the bar at night---so I make do. But it needed something...some plants...and I happened to have a mint plant someone brought me...and a quick dash to the grocery netted three more herb plants-they smell SOOO GOOD! The "pots"---came down from the attic (Theresa will recognize 2 of them!); the chopsticks with the labels and raffia I had-so the whole thing cost me a whopping---$6! I love it! Doing my happy dance!
I have been working my royal pootootie off, too! Ya gotta---open my cabinets and things to see a difference---there's still odds and ends all over creation to be put back---but at least now there is room to put things back! The clutter...continues to go out the door! The old ratty kitchen towels? Trashed! Mismatched containers---no lids, out they went! This cupboard---was filled with a ton of large ziplock bags of various flours and the like (I am allergic to "regular"/wheat flour so we use lots of others...)--hard to tell what was in which bag and how much more! The overabundance of soup containers from the local Chinese restaurant were put to service! I made labels using scrapbook paper, business card cardstock and clear contact paper.
And then for a whole 'nother $6 I got the plastic storage containers for more flour and sugar. Of course...I've not this "all my byself" as my little brother used to say... When you try to clean out a desk drawer (it was filled to the brim and then some!)...and you have cats....this is what happens....

And of course his buddy had to get involved, too...I left the desk drawer project to go clean out unwanted linens and tablecloths, etc. from the hope chest...and this is what happened... If you look closely

the label on the right----says "Free Moth Insurance"--! Lol! I am not sure this is what they had in mind! Not sure if the Lane Cedar Chest Co. is still in business--but this might be some cute advertising!

Last but not least-THE SOCKS! These are just too cute. This was last Sunday before these feeties started flying--there's not been time to put them up since!

But---I am down 2 bedrooms to declutter and then its just general sweep, dust, etc. The bathrooms weren't too bad--those half-empty bottles were no-brainers! I've taken down almost all the pictures-Theresa is going to stop in tomorrow and help me decide where to move furniture, what pics should go back up and what may get relegated to the attic. I should be in pretty good shape for her by then! Sat. will be my general straighten and clean and then Sunday is church and taking my goddaughter to a crop in Myrtle Beach. So some FUN is on the horizon! And its so nice to be able to put things away instead of trying to cram them in before it crashes down and out! Lol. Go ME! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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