Monday, November 8, 2010

We Survived!!!


Theresa and I have SURVIVED another year of HOLLY DAYS craft show! Didjyaknow---that's where we met?! We can't remember how many years ago its been-but she had a booth across from mine-and we got to talking (thanks to her husband, Bob, who will talk to anybody-and help anybody, too, for that matter...) and here we are---all these years later! Well, no-that's not us, silly-but this was a cute picture--3 of my 4 indoor cats lined up at the door (yes-there are 3-even though its hard to see the little black guy on the right...)Although this was taken the day before the show-it looks like they are all lined up to see me off! They follow me around and try to help! Or maybe they are wondering if I have enough catnip goodies to take-or did I leave them some to play with? Theresa and I laugh---my best seller of all my herb items? ANYTHING CATNIP! I don't need to do anything else-pack all the other stuff-just keep making catnip fish, mice, packages...hmmm...maybe I could do the fair circuit with deep fried catnip?! Lol.
We were outside this year (a first for me!)--but right along the main walk to the front door so it was a prime spot. We are, however, in a repressed economy and while there were a lot of lookers--the buyers were few. Theresa and I by far had the best stuff and did ok. I had my herbal things and some "odds and ends". She had some of her paper projects---another one of which was flying out of there!--So we have two items we're going to hit the road with and never mind everything else! She made some beautiful glass charms and necklaces that were new and went quite well. But what really really excited me about the day---is the last picture!

We started advertising what (we hope will be!) our CROP A QUARTER! I am doing my happy dance here! It's going to be so much fun! Food, goodie bags, prizes and drawings and contests and and....CHAIR MASSAGES!!! January 15, 2011

from 10AM-4 PM, Boiling Springs Lakes, NC (where the heck is...well--Wilmington, Southport, Oak Island, NC--are all pretty close-might recognize one of those-Myrtle Beach, SC is about an hour to 1 1/2 hrs. away...) Come see us! Just leave a comment if you want more information! Registration NOW is $ 20-that includes all but the chair massages which are an additional $ 12/10 minutes. Wanna bring some friends? Bring a group of 3 or more and get $ 1 off each registration (applies to preregistration only!)
So---yesterday-in between cold and tummy issues---everything was repacked and stored until the next show. After days of searching for the price gun-I have said ENOUGH! Without saying too much, let me just say that I have some extra time to myself this week---and AM I EXCITED! FLYLADY is coming! No, Marla isn't actually coming to my house-wish she were!---But her tools, principles, etc. ARE! I am doing some MAJOR 23 FLING BOOGIES (if you don't know what that is-go see - and join the fun! I am going to be listening to her motivational words and stuff is going to get cleaned, organized and blessed around here! I am on a DON'T LOVE IT-DECLUTTER IT and GET IT GONE MISSION! I can do this! Every room! I am showing no mercy! The local thrift stores are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE--or hate!--me! Giggle. Once I get the clutter gone-my cleaning ladies said they would come and do the hard stuff-baseboards, etc.--that's going to be my gift to myself. In between all this, once and for all, I am going to figure out my daily routines so that I can bless my home in 15 minutes or less daily and one hour a week---THINK OF ALL THE SCRAPPING & STAMPING TIME I WILL HAVE?!!!!! GO ME! Today... I start with the living room/desk my camera isn't cooperating so the before and after pics will have to wait! So sorry! But---I am psyched over all this! The things I do not love--or once loved and don't anymore-are leaving. I will shop the local thrift and bargain stores to find replacements IF its something that needs replacing-or full sale shops if need be---until I have what I NEED. And don't get me wrong---the replacing will take time-as the budget right now is focused on Christmas-not Sharon's "make-over" list! But getting the stuff gone and making room for what's NEEDED---room to breathe and not be surrounded by clutter-is going to be HUGE! And I am going to be so happy! Me and my new green socks(my treat to myself from another vendor at the show-I HATE socks-but I AM IN LOVE with this pair!) better go get ready for work---I am done at 1 and then I can start my FLYLADY FUN! Check it out-she has a whole "flying through the holiday" journal---and ya know, starting 2011 without clutter is going to be SO AWESOME for me---you can do it, too! 15 minutes at a time! Good movie, the paper shredder and the desk drawers-I can't wait for that date! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon


debi said...

Please let me know about your crop. I live on Oak Island. Thank you.

Stressed Stamper said...

You were right - long posting - sorry too far for me to travel - but good luck hun
Sarah x