Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Pressure is on...!

Ya see-it happened like this...Theresa came-and we conquered! We moved and removed and reremoved furniture! And pictures---and moved some more! We accomplished a lot but it wasn't done...that fat lady hadn't sung! I kept plugging but in raiding another room for some silver candle holders--I decided I needed silver polish. And Coke. So out I went--I didn't even bother the change out of my ratty cleaning clothes-and of course ran into three people I knew! And well, on the way home, the car just drove itself into the thrift store parking lot and threw me out and inside! Lol. I couldn't resist! But I found TREASURES! See the pillows--$2! They match my slip cover PERFECTLY--and are a lot cheaper than the $15 each ones! The "I like it Hot" trivet? Well-that will go perfectly above the stove--! And these little bowls--two are white with a beautiful aqua blue and the other two are a cornflower blue (darker than they show here) with a pretty robin's egg blue inside-$1 each! Too pretty to pass up. In all fairness, there is a basket by the front door that I KEEP ADDING TO---to go out the door to the thrift store! Sending out a whole lot more than I brought in! More photos later---and the PRESSURE IS ON! I have the kitchen to finish and three bedrooms to tackle yet and it's got to be done by bedtime tonight! Tomorrow is church and a play day with my goddaughter and darling hubby will be home as well. I cannot say enough how FREEING this major purge and clean has been! I kept going back and sitting in the living room last night marveling at the changes just from removing clutter--rearranging the things I decided to keep that I adore! I've sent things to the attic-and brought things down. I can change things out as I wish. But if I don't love it---it's left the building. Flylady talks about this all the time. When I'd find myself second-guessing, trying to hang on to something, I would just stop and picture the look on the person's face at finding that "perfect thing" for a song-just like I did today! It made it let it go. If you gotta-take a photo of it. That way you will always have the remembrance but not the clutter. Well-time for more coffee and back to it! The kitchen is almost together and its on to the bedrooms! Photos when its finished! Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping. Oh-here's a glimpse at my front doors. While yesterday was warm enough to have the doors open--today I have the heat on! Go figure! Blessings, Sharon
ps-yep--that's the ocean you see between the two houses! ; )

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Becky B. said...

WOW! What a BEAUTIFUL view you have from your front door! If my view was that awesome I'd just sit there gazing all day and never accomplish anything - ha! ha! ;) FlyLady is one of my favorite sites, too...I even have her blog button posted on the sidebar of my blog so others can discover her as well!