Friday, November 26, 2010

Life with Cats...

Little Gray Bungalow had a cute cat video on her blog---it's a You Tube How to Wrap a Cat...check it out. Today, after finally deciding on what to get the 60th wedding anniversary couple (two chair heating massage cushions, a Hickory Farms gift package, a pretty candle and base---add a warm blankie ad their favorite movie or music and all set to snuggle, snack and relax!)-Anyway-got all that (my idea was a gift card to a restaurant)---brought it home, wrapped it. DH was fixing supper, I came out, we ate ---and this is what was happening behind us...If you didn't see the back half of Poppa Cat, it would look like Inky (king of the hill) was trying to read the card! Thankfully, there is only one claw indentation (NO HOLES!) and the ribbon is wired so its refluffable. NEVER a dull moment around our house! Blessings, Sharon

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