Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Takes for Tuesday...

Am going to try and do this quickly
as there are dark, stormy clouds outside
the smell of rain is in the air
and thunder rumbling in the distance...
an oh-so-SPOOKY setting
for what I've been up to...
Here's a sneak peek at what I worked on yesterday-
something I saw last year...that I want to do this year
and needed to make the prototype so I could figure it out
and tweak it to my liking!
I used the Fright Night CTMH set on page 68 of the catalog
and the retired Around the Block set.


is Poppa Cat.
Behind him, to the left, next to the stamp pads, you see a jar.
It says "CAT TREATS"...


now I wonder how that jar that was sitting up
ended up on it's side about to roll off the table?!
Magic maybe? A "crafty" kitty more likely!
I was getting ready for work when I heard this rattling sound...
when I peeked around the corner
he was batting at the jar!
Momma had put it up earlier (after he got treats, of course!)
and he pawed at it wanting more.
I said no.
I think he's thinking "Humph!  If I only had a thumb!"

And this was this morning's project...

The witches broom treat bags!
I used the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge
to cut the circle card--easy peasy!
Just tied it on with some green and orange ribbon

and it's good to go!
The itty bitty bags didn't work as I had hoped-
you really have to have the lunch bag with the flat bottom.
I figured instead of candy
(which would cost a small fortune to fill it up!)
I will use popcorn balls or even small snack size bags of chips
(I cheated for my demo-I just stuck a grocery bag in there!)
I think a pretzel stick would make a cute "broomstick", too!
Usually I have to chase this guy out of my photo shoots-
the ONE TIME I WANT a BLACK CAT in the middle...
he could care less...looks it, too!

Then of course "brother" had to check it out as well...

Bad Cat was close by but not really interested.
Hubby came home, saw my project and knew exactly what it was--
so that was a GOOD THING!

Since I have been doing the FLYLADY thing faithfully
I have had lots of extra time to play in the craft room-
and I gotta confess-I really, really like it!
Now-I am off to use my flylady broom  dustmop
and do some "house blessing" before I go get crafty again!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


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