Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Friday update...

So after I got this far this morning...

I stopped when the dryer stopped and went to change our bed...
I put the fitted sheet down...
but there's a problem...
see the bump...?

that's not a pillow
it's not something that got tangled in the sheet...

but it's THIS...aka  BAD CAT
he didn't want to move when I went in to make the bed...
so I put the sheet down anyway...
he finally worked his way out and left in a huff! Lol.
I had just started back in to flylady some drawers
(under the worktable...)

when the phone rang.
My friend needed to talk.
My friend needed to come over to talk.
And so went my afternoon.
It was good. I did a good thing.
And before I stopped tonight
(thank God for a husband who cooks!)
this is what I had accomplished...

these drawers are decluttered and reorganized...
and so are these...(tomorrow they will get labled!!!)
AND my Crop in Style and my other smaller workshop tote
have a new home under the counter and out of the way
but easily accessible for when I need to go and teach...

and while there are a few things on the top of these shelves that need to be moved,
these, too, were decluttered, washed down
and put back together!!!

My sad discovery was---my glass doored wood stamp cabinet
(just above the blue topped boxes)
that once upon a time I was going to decoupage notes and things to
and started and didn't finish...
has faded terribly where the few things I did put on there are.
It will be a major undertaking to unload it,
sand it
and restain it.
Not today, Scarlett.
I could just not say anything
about all the stuff that was in the middle of the room...
but I cannot tell a lie...
I moved it all out into another room!
Had to so I could start somewhere!
I needed to reestablish homes for tools and things
before I can start putting things away.
So some of that happened today.
And tomorrow I will tackle some more.
I feel GOOD about what I got done.
And I don't hurt (thank you God!!!)
and still have some energy left
but I think it's time for a shower, a rum drink
and a good book.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode!
Until then, happy stamping and scrapping!

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