Saturday, September 3, 2011

15 Minutes at a time...

So I headed into the craft room to work on the worktable
and I had a "helper"...
he had to be in the middle of wherever I was trying to work
butting my hand wanting some loving!
He looks like he's trying to figure out what the Zipemate does!
(I have to keep it despite the fact that now I have not one but TWO Big Shots
as my favorite die-a slide mount--won't fit through the Big Shot...
it's like 1/16" too thick--figures...!)
here's what the morning's work
15 minutes at a time

and do you see my other "helper"?
He's found a new seat...think I need a little sign that says
Bad Cat parking?! lol!

I *was* going to put a "tableskirt" along here to hide the storage area
but he really seems to like it under there...
and he is the oldest, bestest crafty maybe I will just let it be...
hide the cord and put pretty labels on the drawers instead...

and since we've gone from one BAD CAT in the craft room...
to 3 cats (usually only when they hear the treat jar open...)
and the old one was looking kinda shabby...
Momma decided (with much urging from the boys..)
to make a bigger newer one...

This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT thing
that got accomplished this morning
(so they say!)
Hubby has gone to get BBQ CHICKEN DINNERS
the men of our church make on holidays as fundraisers
so once again I don't have to cook!
Breaks over--
let me go see what I can accomplish before he gets back
OH---and I am waiting on the FED EX MAN
is on the truck...scheduled for delivery
the new Typeset papers and embellishments
along with a stamp set or two
that we'll use in our groupie classes.
I can't wait!!!
Cooked chicken...CTMH order...ahhh...
it doesn't get much better...
well, maybe with a boat ride later to cool off! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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Kristie Lippert said...

I'm loving reading about your cats! They remind me of mine - spoiled rotten and want to help me all the time!!! LOL