Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday musings...

It was a busy, busy week-end for me!
Friday I spent getting some things ready
(including my "stock")
for a morning craft show on Sat.
I got up before daylight
and headed out to our electric company's annual membership meeting
and set up for a 3-hr. craft show.
It was a fun time
and even though it meant an early morning
and it threatened rain
I did quite well and was pleased.
Here's a peek at part of my table...
.My "helper" (aka my goddaughter, Maren)
and her friend
had their own table next to me.
(Mom is helping get set up!)
They did quite well...
When I got home and got unloaded around lunch time
Hubby said he was going over to Southport
for the 2nd annual Wooden Boat Show
and asked if I wanted to tag along.
I said "sure"...
Here's some of what we saw...

There were beautiful "museum" quality wooden boats
as well as some that were working/pleasure boats
He thought about entering his
but didn't...there's always next year!
One of the neatest things was they had a
booth for kids
to build their own little model boat
and then a "pool" for them to sail them in
complete with a portable fan for wind!
Our local hardware store
(the one I always get in trouble in--that's another story!)
donated the kits and supplies...
and it was a FREE thing for the kiddos.
They were so cute sailing their boats
and I do have a picture or two
but I hesitate to post pics of strangers
particularly kids without their permission.
Trust me-their smiles were precious
and yes, one young man was determined to get wet-and did! lol!
The aquarium also had a booth
as they do a program that brings the aquarium to your school/event!
It was really neat to see fish tanks of the smaller aquatic life-
crabs and starfish among other things.
It was a nice little show and I look forward to participating next year!
We came home, spent some quiet time
had dinner and watched a movie.
Sunday was church
and then after my usual blog-hopping
I tackled what I call my "stock closet".
All that stuff from Sat. had to be put away
and my closet well, let's just say it needed some SERIOUS
attention from FLYLADY!
And--I did it!
All my stock is neatly organized in their plastic bins
labeled and ready to go.
I could actually walk out the door today
and do the next craft show!
As a treat, we went to see
(click to see the trailer!)
My first "3-D" movie ever!
And it's based on a true story
that happened not far from where I lived in FL!
Hollywood comes out with some
well, not so nice stuff for the most part
but this year we've been blessed between
Good, clean family oriented movies-
both true stories as well.
We had Thai for supper and then read before bed.
Today...I am tired!
But it's a good tired!
It was a fun-packed week-end
and I even managed some flylady time in there
that was fun as well.
"Ms. Dolly" (female cat that lives in that room)
had a blast helping me out!
She loves to clean--she would check things out-
follow me around-sniff the broom as it went by...

I need to go get ready for my real job-
and do some scrapbooking on the computer-
it's newsletter week at the church.
Whatever you do today, until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!