Friday, September 2, 2011


Ok. It's finally FRIDAY...
and I made up my mind that I am spending the better part of this
4-day week-end here...
Does Flylady make house calls?!
Someone please throw me a rope before I get lost in here--!
This is months and months of neglect...
and yes, I am embarrassed!
 I am treating myself by taking the time to clean it up so I can actually come in here and play.
I have to confess-
I just flylady-d the hall leading into this room...
and PANIC hit!
How am I going to deal with all this!
Deep Breath.
Step away from the door.
Have another cup of coffee...
take 15 minutes...
and go back.
take photo so you can SEE the progress you make
15 minutes at a time.
I made a list first thing this morning
as I KNEW this (panic!) was going to happen!)
So I will stick to the list--
and tackle the room...
I saw this room
and gasped! How beautiful!!!
While I don't have 1/3 of that space...
the space I do have is filled up with:
  1. things I don't need
  2. a layout that isn't working; and
  3. even furniture that isn't working
This week-end
that is going to change!!!
So stay tuned...

When I uploaded the photo though
there were a few pre-Irene photos...
these are taken a week ago Friday from our front deck...

We don't usually see waves breaking this high...or this close to shore!
As we were headed to our friend's house
there were places where the ocean was coming up
the beach accesses
and that was at low tide!
We were concerned...but alas, richly blessed as we had no major flooding or damage.
Here's a pic I got of my "outside kitties"
Moe and Cocoa
I think you can guess who's who!

Ok. Break's over.
Tie on the rope and let's get back to it!
If you don't hear from me soon...
please send in the search party!
Until next time--happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

Good craft rooms are a mess - shows you use them - clicked on the link - it is is not normal for a craft room to be that stunningly tidy...I want it too
Sarah x