Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wishes for Wednesday...

One of the nice things about being a
Close to My Heart Consultant
is that we have Bulletin Boards...
Business Board
Gathering Board
Art Board
and several others.
On the gathering board
we can share just about anything--
there are often questions about the best vacation spot
vacuum cleaner...
and prayer requests.
This week, after I had just finished pricing some things
to go to a scrapbook store for a "yard sale",
I came across a post that asked for prayers
for her downline
who had just lost everything to a fire.
Could we please send a card to cheer and encourage her...?
The wheels started turning...
I sent a post back asking if
could we do more than that...
could we possibly send an extra stamp set
a spare stamp pad...whatever
This gal lost it all
and there are a lot of other things
that would need to be replaced
before craft supplies.
I know that during stressful times in my life,
stamping and scrapping saved my sanity.
The "go between" gave the go-ahead
so today I will be blessing this sister
with some paper and envelopes,
two stamp sets, a stamp pad, an acrylic block
and a glue stick.
Not completely new
but in the Flylady spirit
I am blessing someone else with my "extras" (aka clutter to me!).
This is the card I made to go with it...
More of the "Wings" retired paper
Thankfully, I have a pretty good stash!
The sentiment is a favorite...
I am not sure the company is even still in business
it's Endless Creations, Inc.
but it's my "go-to" sentiment for times like this...
Kind words to comfort you
peace to quiet you
care to encourage you
one day at a time...
It's put together using a "pop-up" box--
just make a 5 sided panel,
glue one side together to form a box-shape
glue two sides down to the fold in your card
then attach the "flaps" alternating sides.

I wanted to write a message
but didn't want to mess up the clean look
of the inside of the card...what to do?
Well, you pull out your Stampin' Up "slitty punch"
it makes that little half-circle slit...
grab the mini card that has been sitting on the worktable
since you first got & played with the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge
add a white lining
and presto-instant removable card to write a message in!
Hides my handwriting
and adds a little color to the inside.
The dragonfly (gotta have a dragonfly!)
fits right in with the butterflies.
I hope this package will bring a little smile
to my stamping sister's face...
My day is jam packed with gotta-get-done's
kinda tired just thinking about it!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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