Friday, September 9, 2011

Growing list...

I am up early today
(saw the beautiful clear sky and the brilliant stars early...)
not because of the cat...
(who was a perfect gentleman to sleep with after we had a long talk..)
but an upset tummy
(if people tell you gall bladder surgery will solve all your tummy problems--
they lie.  I think my body wants mine back...too late now...)
today the cabinet leaves so that must be emptied
(not a big deal as the room is STILL CLEAN
and it's a matter of just unloading the stacked plastic drawers
and a few baskets...)
and then there's all the boxes of STUFF
that I moved out last week in order to organize the room
that must be sorted out.
I am actually looking forward to it.
Doing that Flylady thing will do that to you-
you clean up one little area...and it's addictive!
It feels soooo good you want to do more!
So as soon as hubby leaves for work I will get started on those projects.
Until then, I have blog hopped my list
and I want to try the
I want to try Dawn's
(might have to scroll down a post...)
Halloween "banner" at
using the new CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge
(Theresa-we HAVE to go to Wilm and get black paper for all these projects we need to do!)
Then I want to take time to read more on this blog
I *love* Marie's work--
by far one of the best CTMH consultant sites I've seen
and her story is well worth reading, too.
Lots of things on an ever-growing list...
but I am learning:
15 minutes at a time
I can do anything
and if I don't feel well-and can't do's ok, too.
I can jump in where I am at and start again.
I'm not beating myself up over what isn't done-
and gee, I feel far better from less beatings! lol!
Hope whatever you do you have a fabulous Friday--and,
until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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