Friday, September 9, 2011

Scrapping the Refrigerator...?!!!

There needs to be a sign on my door-and it's not for Halloween!
and anything not nailed down
is apt to get decluttered, cleaned and organized!
This so doing,
I "scrapbooked" the fridge!
Let me explain!
When my hubby stopped home to grab a bite to eat
I sat down to have a cup of coffee with him
and looked at this
the front of our fridge.
My first thought was
"when I go to Wilmington I need to get more magnetic photo frames"
(Wilmington, aka "town", is an hour + away...I didn't want to wait
nor did I want to spend any extra money (still paying for the new bed!)--
And then I had a lightbulb moment!
I grabbed everything off the front of the fridge.
I set the letter magnets to soak and headed for the craft room with the rest of the stuff.
Out came my Close To My Heart divided page protectors,
my scissors, my Cherry-O paper (discontinued, sadly)
and I went to work.
First I cut off the edge of the page protector that has the holes.
Then I cut the Cherry-O papers to make photo mats (4x6").
Then I set to "lightly" tacking down the photos and notes
(I wanted to be able to remove and replace them as time goes on-
hence the "lightly" tacking down...)
And, presto chango--
here's my FLYLADY'D /scrapbooked fridge front...

Magnets hold them on-
my photos and notes are protected from life in the kitchen
and I can change it up as time goes by
or replace the page protectors as needed (cheap fix)!
"Brook Loves Sharon"
that was something my husband put up eons ago...
and left for me to see---
he can be sweet-sometimes! lol!
Hope you like it!
Let me know (see!) if you try it!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


Steph said...

Wow, so nice and organized! GReat idea, thanks for sharing :)

Heather R. Plotzke said...

Super cute idea, my husband is always complaining about the weight of the frig threats my Mom would make as a child I really don't believe they will fall off the hinges, but this is a super cute idea to end the constant battle:)

Marie said...

Wow! Just got to do a quick perusing of your blog and I think your work is gorgeous...LOVE the new refrigerator look. (And I think I want you to come organize my house ha ha)