Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Room Reveal and Ribbon Corraling

It's late-but I got sidetracked into another cleaning and organizing project tonight-more at the end of this post about that!
Here's the before...again...

And, drumroll please...
here's the after...

yes, I see the thing on the floor--please ignore...
you don't want to know what it is!
And just to prove it didn't all just go into the closet...

Then...this afternoon, I tackled this...

The pretty cabinet you barely see in these photos will be leaving. Soon.
I got it from Theresa and it's beautiful
I love the video holders that hold my ribbon
it overwhelms my room. Completely.
It holds a lot of stuff...
and I can close doors but I've fallen out of love with it
so it's time to bless someone else with it.
So---what to do with the stuff that's in it?
Mainly-the ribbon.
Rather than just toss it into a box and deal with it later
I took the Flylady approach and DID IT NOW.
So all afternoon---into this evening I took these...

and these...
(playing cards are cheap, cheap, cheap and make great "spools" for ribbon!)

and ended up with these...

There are 6 small drawers (these stack) that will be their new home
(one drawer is EMPTY!!!)
I needed a divider --and thought paper towel rolls would be about the right size
but I needed them NOW--another lightbulb moment
(two in two days-gotta be a record-particularly since I got very little sleep last night!)
So I made a "tube" (aka box) out of cardstock! Works perfect!
I cut off all that icky tape they tack the ribbon down with and just secured the end with a straight pin.
My cards do slip down a bit but I am thinking some rubber matting in the bottom of the drawers will help  stop that. I can flip through them easily enough to find what I need
and each color family fits (now!) perfectly in it's own section!
I threw out an entire garbage bag full of ribbon spools!
These take up so much less space and the "standard size" is really nice!
This guy who looks so nice and innocent...

came to hang out with me while I worked.
My room gets a patch of sun in the late afternoon.
He was also trying to butter me up as he's in the doghouse
for waking me up very, very early---
and again later after hubby fed him and I had just fallen asleep.
So Momma was overtired, crabby and hurting all day...
but he's trying to be nice. Now...
we'll see where he-and hubby--are sleeping tonight! lol!
Time to go relax and read.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


Jak Heath said...

Sharon it's beautiful and you have a far bigger room than I have, mind you I struggle to keep my small one tidy he he.

Kristin said...

It looks really nice! Bet you are glad to have it finished!

Stressed Stamper said...

OMG - How much stuff - its a shop!!!! - looks fab hun - great work space - totally jealous!
Sarah x