Monday, September 12, 2011

MIA-Momma takes a sick day....

not sure what it was...
but it wasn't fun!
I did not feel well at all this morning
and decided to call off Monday
and call in sick
for me!
I had all three cats surrouding me in bed...
(Ms.D would have probably been there, too, if it weren't for the boys!)
and at lunch time,
Poppa Cat decided I needed some extra attention...
he tried napping on my head!
It didn't last long--
having a fur "cap" on in the middle of summer
and being perimenopausal...well!
'nough said!
Not to be outdone,
the baby (aka Inky)
put on quite show tonight chasing his mouse
and when he was done, left it at my feet.
Ahhh. Not the first time he's shared his toys
to cheer Momma up!
tomorrow will be a better day, Scarlett--
as tomorrow night is Groupie Night
and Theresa has a great project up her sleeve.
Praying Wal-Mart will have small Cricut cutting mats
to make my life easier---we shall see!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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