Saturday, September 17, 2011

TGIF--a day late!

Good Sat. morning!
I spent yesterday doing that Flylady thing--
"Mt. Washmore" has been scaled
the house has been "blessed"
(more on that in a minute...)
and I worked on emptying out some more of those boxes
that came out of the craft room.
I woke up hurting
so two Aleve and a cup of coffee
and here I am.
I did go play in the craft room last night
(and the worktable is 15 minutes worth of messy!)
I don't like what I came up with.
I tried the Splitcoast Stampers
wiper card
which is real easy to do.
I saw it earlier this week
and then came across the instructions yesterday
while I was cleaning.
I just didn't like the saying I chose
and the final piece.
Happens sometimes!
Oh well.
I will share this---
which is something else I want to try
and, who knows-
maybe I will try again and combine the two!
Tomorrow, Scarlett.
Theresa and I are going shopping today.
On the "home blessing" thing...
That's Flylady's term for cleaning a room
doing a weekly routine
An 8-year old decided to help her
out-of-town Mom out and do her routines for her while she was gone...
She saw "Bless bedroom", "Bless dining room", etc.
in her mother's control journal
and she told her mom that the home blessing
was really easy-
she went into the bedroom
and prayed.
The next day, she went into the dining room
and prayed...
the Mom wrote that she wondered
what she prayed for
in the bathroom!
Bless her little heart!
Even kids can fly!
Time for a coffee cup refill
and the rest of my blog hopping.
Whatever you do today,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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