Monday, September 5, 2011

The Closet: Before and After...

the disaster area --aka THE CLOSET
My chief box inspector...
every time I emptied one-he had to check it out!

and, after a very HOT
 (had to shut the windows
turn the ac back on
and eat two Popsicles to cool down)
long stuck with it despite printer issues
(I like to print labels for my storage containers)
here's the AFTER...

and the doors actually CLOSE --lol!
The "jugs" on the two top shelves
hold my herbs--
they are recycled dog food containers but seal quite well
so I've never had a problem with my herbs losing their scent
or with moths (which can be attracted to the herbs I am told).
I had a mish-mash of other storage containers of a variety of sizes and shapes
and I have a whole stack of these...

They, too, seal well and are sturdy--
so slapping a label on them and storing stuff inside
gives me  little more consistency and freed up a bunch of boxes & storage space!

My printer, however, failed me.
It simply refused to feed the paper.
But--my stuff is  stored-that's all that matters!
And I still adore my over the door shoe holder
for my punches that I don't use all that often!
(I also did one for computer cords, phone chargers, etc.)
the rest of the room is a different story!
There's lots of odds and ends that came out of that closet
that need to be dealt with.
Most goes to a yard sale pile-
a few things to the attic
the trash went out as I pulled stuff out.
It won't take long--but needs to be done
and THEN I will be happy with my room-- for now.
There's still boxes in another room-
but those are for another day.
I still want to do the card
and the weather may cooperate for a boat ride after all!
More later-
until then, happy stamping and scrapping!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures. I really like your clear pockets on the door idea. Soooo easy to find and still so neat and tidy! :-)