Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something new Saturday!

I was going to say "It's not Saturday yet as I am typing this" but, in glancing at the clock, it is!
 12:38 AM to be exact! 
I've had to take it easy on myself by late afternoons and evenings
as I am uncomfortable by that point from the rest of the day.
The only  problem with that is...
I am so relaxed...I can't sleep-if that makes sense!
I am weird, I know! 

I finished an awesome book tonight-it's called Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin.
 It's a novel, easy read and his descriptions are just so vivid that you feel like you are right there!
He's a Christian so it's pretty clean, too!

I got some stamps in the mail today...and, evidently, I didn't have my glasses on when I ordered them
or didn't have enough coffee (probably the case more likely)
and what I *thought* was clear rubber...
turned out to be red rubber--and untrimmed at that!
I hate cutting stamps almost as much as I hate battling with Blogger!
Theresa's thrilled-she LOVES cutting them so I will tap her to do it.

I did work on a project today--as well as gift bag to put the project in
and I even took some pics to do a mini tutorial
but somehow they got deleted...I think the laptop locked up before I could tell it to upload the photos
and the camera software setting is set to delete them once they are uploaded...
it just didn't happen.
Will try again tomorrow, Scarlet!
At least, I hope I will...
the "baby" is still feeling puny--hairballs will do that...
so it may be a trip to the vet thrown into the agenda...
hoping not & that he'll be feeling better by morning.

So--what's new?
I have a new signature "stamp" for my blog!
I got it from Whimsey Stamps for a song...
and, if you're not a techno expert (that would be me)
I gotta say...Ann sent a link to very easy instructions
it's only three simple steps...AND you can resize it to meet your needs,
pick your own design, font and colors.
$ 3.00!
Check it out!
Guess I will go check my library for the next read...
Until next time, happy stamping & scrapping!

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raindropecho said...

Thanks for the plug, Sharon :) Glad you got it working for you. You chose the perfect design for your blog :)

- Ann