Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rough nite....

Ok. So today is Royal pitty party day for me.  Pain meds aren't helping. Been up since 12:30 AM with gall bladder attack symptoms and pain--even tho it's not there anymore (the chicken-poop surgeon told my husband that that's normal for another 4-6 weeks---never told ME THE PATIENT I said---he was chicken poop to keep this clean...!) --along with nausea, increased fibro pain (probably due to the increased stress and rain...) topped with a migraine.  My surgeon's nurse was about as sympathetic as Hitler--I could ride 1 hr, sit in the waiting room for 2, and ride home for another 1 hr. if I want to be seen? Go figure how that's  going to help?! Then she tries telling me all my pain is from the gas--that was almost a week ago, thank you, and I KNOW the difference between attack pains and the pain I had from the gas. It's different-but hey, SHE's had the same surgery so she know it all?!  Oh-and if someone can drive in and get a prescription---again---another 2 hrs. round trip---they can give me something a little stronger. Oh and let's see...I am not supposed to be upset--that's not going to help!  Her lecturing me as if I were a two year old is, however, is supposed to be the magic cure?!   Of doctor is off playing golf today and hence could care less.   I'm sorry.  I am soooooo tired of living with pain.  I am sooooooo  tired of empty promises of "this will make it better."  I am soooooo tired of doctors who don't get it and don't listen....or care. Just pay your copay--that's all they care about. It's not about patient care, patient comfort, listening...and actually HELPING.  I am still in search of....medical professionals as good as my vet and her staff...they get it. I know-maybe I can walk on all fours and attach a tail? It's an idea....!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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