Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A HUGE round of applause, kudos and whatever else to THERESA for rescuing me from the dull drums of recovery last night!  Nurse 1 (aka husband) said Nurse 2 (aka Theresa) could take me to scrapbooking group last night! I timed my pain meds to just before we left (that's not in any way a reflection on Theresa's driving!), had a pillow to stabilize the tummy, a pair of scissors and glue stick and off we went.  The gals were very nice and accommodating and I am happy to say that I didn't have to crash in Buzz's guest room!  I actually finished my pages and made it through like a trooper.  Shoulda taken the next dose of meds with me but that's ok, too.  I survived.  Getting out of the house, having some great company and girl talk was well worth it.  And two more completed pages to boot! The dog lovers did dog pages, and us cat lovers...did this...
I was able to round up pics of ALL our "current" kitties--we have a few that have moved on...
but these are the felines in residence-both inside and out!
I also worked on finishing a card yesterday for our associate minister who will be moving later this month.
The "Bye-Bye" image from Mo's Digital Pencil was perfect and this is what I came up with...
In case you're wondering, I added the little license plate using Publisher! Too cute!
If you go looking for it in Mo's image-it's not there!

Had I picked my papers before I colored the image, I would've chosen different colors but oh well! It'll do!
My colors look washed out in the photos-not sure what's up with that--they are vibrant in the card itself. 
 I cut the yellow "frame" and popped it up around the verse from Jeremiah---"I know the plans I have for you..." etc.  The girl image is of course pop dotted and I cut out and popped up her little lady bug back pack as well! 
 Let me tell ya-Martha Stewart punches are HARD to use on a good day---even harder after surgery!
That wasn't a smart move but it added what I wanted.  I used it on the inside panel as well...

And just so no one gets bent out of shape for my cutting off Mo's credits, I listed that on the back-
they sat in a weird spot when I trimmed out the image so I just trimmed them out!

Today...I need to make a get well card for my daughter-in-law who had a tooth (or is it teeth?) implant(s) done yesterday! OWIE! She's braver than I am, that's for sure!
Not sure what I am going to do for her yet---maybe something like
I hope your nurse is as good as my nurse with the Prairie Fairy images--maybe use the doc's head with the nurse's uniform? Her hubby was an active Marine!
Roberta has instructions on how to do a wobble-head card-that might be kinda cute, too!
Become a follower and sign up for some BLOG CANDY as well!
FIVE FREE IMAGES to the winner-of course THAT'S going to be MOI but feel free to try, too! ; )
It's a pretty day here at the beach so whatever I do--some of it is going to be
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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