Friday, June 3, 2011


Blogger finally decided to cooperate and let me post's a "catch all/catch up" post!  First up, my first items for Father's Day!
I cannot take credit for this idea-I found it on another blog--but they worked up very quickly and are just adorable! I didn't have a large enough circle punch (note to self: need to order SU circle punches!) but I did have circle Spellbinder dies so I cut the printed out portion with those, backed it with a brown circle to match the A&W rootbeer logo, then added another brown circle with a white center so a message could be written on the inside. Of course, I popped up the printed portion to give it some well, POP! ; )  The twine adds a nice natural texture and keeps it from being, heaven forbid, too GIRLY!

Today--or at least this week-end, I will finish the shirt origami cards for Father's day. Gotta come up with something for buttons. Not sure again that I have a small enough punch--and I know our pretend Wal-Mart won't have the size buttons I need.  Gonna have to get creative with that!
This is the first "harvest hall" from our container garden:

and let me tell you---those tomatoes are to die for! Soooo sweet and succulent!  We had two more yesterday and hubby says there are tons more on the way. We share the sweet peppers with others-but not typically the tomatoes!  The cuke isn't green--but it's a cute cuke!

And then there's the cat on the HOT tin roof  FLOOR...

The raccoon-or raccoons plural...are still going at it.  Hubby made it home on Tues. and this was taken while the house was at a humid 92-94 degrees!  He removed the moth balls and ammonia soaked rags and left the holes open to air that space out.  The smell didn't affect the raccoon-but it sure did a number on my sinuses when I turned the ac on! 

And this is the toothbrush I raved about in yesterday's post...

The head doesn't look too big in this pic but trust me--it is considerably bigger than the normal toothbrush.  And my gums  entire mouth can *feel* the difference already.  My dentist is closed on Friday's or I would be carting it and the information over to her today!  It may be weird getting so excited over a toothbrush...but if you've gone through what I've gone through with dental's well worth it!

Let's see---today's agenda, please God, is to try and put some order to the magic kingdom aka my craft room--and get the stuff off the dining room table!  I know I won't get it all done-but at least a path in there would be nice. 

One week from offending gall bladder comes out.  I am miserable enough that I am counting the days despite my fears and trepidations about surgery and recovery.  It's almost funny to hear the nurses I've talked to gasp at the fact that I've had no procedures-no babies, no surgery, not even stitches. My broken nose in high school (I caught the batted softball with my nose instead of my mitt...) wasn't even taped! So all of this should be quite interesting!

Time to refill the coffee cup.  Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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