Saturday, June 4, 2011

Starting out on Saturday....

So--this is where I was yesterday morning...aka "BEFORE"...
What a mess!
And, here is where I am at this morning...

you can actually *see* some surfaces! Still a fair amount to do but getting there--15 minutes at a time

When I stopped last night, I had some boxes by our kitchen door to go out to the recycle bin...

Not gonna "recycle" this guy--aka Inkadinkadoo
 (yep, after the stamp company! "Inky" or "the baby" for short!)
Too cute! He didn't hesitate to hop right in there! What is it with cats and boxes?!

The pic above is dedicated to Miss Theresa (not to be confused with Mrs. Theresa) & is entitled
This guy (Bad Cat--actually a very good cat!) hangs out with me the most in the craft room--he also has an uncanny knack of finding things I can't--I can ask him, and he looks in the direction it is...more often than not, he's right's kinda spooky!
So's down to finishing  clearing the worktable
and then sorting the boxes into the place the stuff in them goes. That idea worked well---stamps and pads, tools, etc. all had their own box--now that I can actually get to the places they go, it will be super easy to put things away.  And, when I get discouraged and side-tracked, I will just open the closet door and peek at this
my organized punches!!!
It always helps to see what you've accomplished--to help you keep sight of your goal.
While I may not get all the paper put up or even the odds and ends, being able to walk into the room
and get to the worktable at this point is my goal before surgery next week.
I am learning to set more realistic goals for myself--and to not beat myself up over not getting more done or even not reaching them in the set time frame...being a little easier on myself...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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artfulwhimsies said...

great job!!!! although some of us are "not looking" haha