Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sentiments for Sunday...

I am still working on the magic kingdom-by choice today!  I actually got one of the two paper towers organized along with some other serious sorting and cleaning. *Should* be able to finish what I hope to today.

Took "time out" to finish the Father's Day cards to go to work with hubby tomorrow--here's the origami shirt card...

Yep, I hand-sewed the buttons on. I was hoping for some small wood/natural looking ones--but alas, no go.
I was extremely lucky to find the green ones at our pretend Wal-Mart.
Here's the sentiment:

Then there's the A&Wesome Dad drinks...

There's a layer underneath the top tag if they need to say more!
I had more help yesterday---seems you cannot have an empty box in this house...
a cat will surely find it!

And, if I don't empty the laundry basket, this is what I am apt to find...
Those *were* clean! Sigh.
Well, off I go. Will post pics of the finished portion of the palace later!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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