Friday, June 3, 2011


OK-so embarrassed as I am, this is the view from the door of the magic kingdom this morning! 
While I didn't take a photo-I promise CAN see the floor!  Things have been picked up, sorted into boxes by like thing, and are ready to put away as soon as I clear and sort the work table as well!
I had to take a time out to deliver an order to a CTMH customer and ran a few errands at the same time. 
I am in a "how to store my punches" overflow problem yet again.  Our pretend Wal-Mart had a solution...

I picked up two of these!  They were a mere $ 5 each---seem sturdy enough (I really like Mainstays products...) and fit on the back of my bi-fold closet doors! I am THRILLED! 

My "main" punches I use a lot will stay in the racks close to the craft table...but the overflow is now corralled into one space AND, in doing so, it freed up
TWO SETS of drawers AND an entire shelf in my storage cabinets!!!! GO ME!
I stopped at a cute store on my way home-a consignment shop--and found this little gem...

a beachy looking letter holder that I hung just inside the door to my room...not to sure what the cutout at the top is supposed to be--but a starfish glued over that will dress it up nicely and cover it up at the same time!
Since I have red ruby slippers in my room, I couldn't pass up this tin "lunch box"...

This pic from the Wizard of Oz...reminds me of Poppa Cat...

There's a heat vent under my Hoosier! He loves to lay under there in the winter! Lol!
I also found this

a cute pair of embroidered linen capri's along with a linen top! The blues aren't an exact match---but are far enough apart when worn that it won't matter and I already have cute pink fancy flipflops/sandles!
Now, even though I feel like this...
I need to get back to work!  I've overgrown the marker holder already but there's a cute beach bucket in the magic kingdom that will work just fine! Hmm...maybe next pretend w-m trip I will pick up a styro block to cut and put into it to "secure" the markers...! ; ) I just love
*light-bulb moments!*
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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fab posting hun - love all the pic's