Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Carla Saga continues...

Good morning, all. 
Someone just posted a comment asking if I have a photo of CARLA---
the German Shepherd we are desperately trying to find a home for.
Unfortunately, I do not--YET.
 I am hoping to do that either today or tomorrow.
There's been some concern raised by others that know this gentleman and his situation that,
when it comes down to it, he won't part with her. 
The situation is such, however, that that has to happen, for the dog's sake,  
regardless of what he wants. 
And I think they know and realize that, too.
It's a difficult situation at best-but if I have my way,
Carla will be with us tomorrow.
We'll deal with the step issues and the cats adjusting as it comes.
Our two local no-kill shelters are full and not an option.
We've put the word out to everyone we can possibly think of and,
so far, no takers.
Besides breaking our hearts
(we've had some stressful days and sleepless nights...)
I know that we are trying to do the right thing--
and God will in whatever way,
honor and bless that...
Gotta believe...
Stay tuned--
and, more importantly, if you know someone who might be
interested in this sweet gal-
please let me know!
Until next time, since there's not much stamping and scrapping going on here--
go do some for me!


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Ray said...

hi again, Ive gotten in contact with a bunch of rescue orgs and at least a few have showed some interest and might be able to get to Oak Island, but they are all interested in more info. Let me know if you have or when you get age, health, shots, what vet she's gone to and pictures too of course. The more info the merrier for them I think, or at least whatever can be readily found out.