Saturday, June 11, 2011

I survived!!!

My gall bladder surgery, that is!  We had to be there at 9 AM--surgery was scheduled for 10:15. Two hours later found me throwing a royal tantrum at the desk as I was still waiting.  Between it being freezing, two tv's playing on different stations, and people talking--I had a migraine and nausea before I even got started! I was not a happy camper!  Lots of tears, more waiting, thanking God for a sympathetic anesthesiologist who got me something to calm me down as soon as Nurse Ratchet got the iv in.  I remember moving onto the table in the OR, chatting with the assistant anetheiologist and nothing more until I woke up in extreme pain!  Thankfully, they were able to do it laporscopically, however those 4 little incisions were burning like crazy!  One dose of pain med didn't bring it down, so the NICE NURSE went and got two more doses of something stronger than morphine! I was still awake and even made it up our two flights of steps.  By supper time, the hospital pain meds were wearing off and pain was breaking through the pain & nausea rx's.  It was a rough night but finally starting to subside with the doses  this morning.

I don't know if my doc knows I am a scrapbooker or not-but I have a photo collage (4 pics) of  the gall bladder.  Found some cute digital stamps at the Prarie Fairy site
to use along with the bracelets, etc.  Just need to trade the doc's needle for a scapel...any ideas?
Gotta say---I was TERRIFIED
but it wasn't too bad...
as long as your doc and staff are attuned to your need for pain's good.
One thing I wish I had done more of before hand is practiced my yoga...
having my leg muscles in better shape/strength would help in getting up & down--
trust me-you don't want to use your abs in that process! Or cough. Hiccup. Sneeze.
I am just glad it's OVER--thanks for the well wishes, prayers, etc.
Time for a little more blogging and lots of resting. Maybe a little art work later-my copics & the digital stamps on the front deck looking at the ocean & smelling the salt air...counting down the weeks  days (makes it sound more achievable!) until hubby & I can go to the
for some cod fritters, RIBS, french fries & raspberry mango cheesecake!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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