Monday, June 13, 2011

Scene from Sunday...

Picture this: My "nurse" is downstairs taking a break.  The "patient" aka -- ME-- is sitting at the desk during my few up minutes, trying to do some blogging and eating a delicious piece of watermelon. Bad Cat  is sitting to the right of the computer. Poppa Cat figures since BC is there---HE wants to be in the middle, too. So he climbs on the left side of the desk with the watermelon--despite my protests. Next thing I know---the watermelon is everywhere-PC is headed for my sore tummy-there are claw holes in my leg--did I mention the blood?--BC and PC are in a royal snit and cat fight and  I am trying to slide out of the middle without popping apart!!!  Of course Ink had to go get in the middle to see what was going on. THANK GOD the desk chair rolls...the claws that landed in the knee would have been in my tummy had it not.  So now I have even more band aids!  Sigh.  New rule: NO CATS ON THE DESK when momma is in residence there!

I went back to bed after that with my Copics. It's safer there!  Although not so much so for my bank account as  I want more!!! They are so nice and so much fun!  And Roberta of Prairie Fairy came out with 4 NEW digital stamps yesterday (cute grads, a mermaid and Gillian on a tire swing!)---and promises more in a wee bit! I happened to  have an empty  notebook I  put Copic how-to notes in, then my Prairie Fairy images along with Mo's.  I try to print out a colored image so I, shadow-challenged as I am, can have something to go by-my Copic cliff notes so to speak! All go into page protectors so they are printed and ready when I want to color. 

Friday was rough-felt the best on Saturday-yesterday not so much and today---well, I think I am going to plug into the chick flicks my friend Margarett loaned me.  I was able to sleep-but missing a dose of pain meds isn't fun yet. Down, girl, seems not so bad at this point...and if I want to be down...ya know it's not too good! Humph.

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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