Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Answered wish!

Well, well, well---Blogger actually worked-oh wait-I've not finished the post yet so maybe I had better keep my mouth shut! Lol!
Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary.
Despite pain, nausea & pain killers, I spent Sunday afternoon coloring and cutting and gluing...
it says
"We may not always see things eye to eye..."
(inside) But I'm still glad I'm your girl
& you're my guy!
Happy Anniversary!
I did it! And, in my sleep deprived and drugged up stupor, somehow forgot that Monday was only the 20th...and not the 21st...

and I signed the card and left it for him to find Monday morning.
I've not been able to live it down.
My defense was--some of us were just overly enthusiastic!
The usual...she's right and if he'd just listen...!
The perfect.
Even if I couldn't find the pop dots.

I brought hibiscus in and put them in a small bowl of water on the counter...
the "baby" really seems to be enjoying them!
This cat...will not drink out of  water bowl...
flower vases, small pitchers, sometimes the sink...
water bowl? forget it!

Then after supper last night
(no, we didn't go out)
hubby left the container from the cooked chicken on the counter...

BAD CAT sometimes lives up to his name!!!
Speaking of Bad Cat....
I was blog hopping and came across this photo

And this is Bad Cat...

....let's see...can you spot the differences difference? Pretty subtle, I think!
The boys have been going out on the back deck after dinner...
and that means the GIRL -- aka Ms. Dolly --
cane come out and roam the house.
She's getting tired of being in her room all alone
and is after over a year just beginning to check out the rest of the house
when she's the sole one in residence inside...
made herself right at home on top of the basket of clean clothes...sigh.

Time to go get a paper and take a time out.
I worked 4 hrs. today---just a wee bit too long.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

fab fab fab card hun - love Mo's images - sentiment great and looooooove yr cats
Sarah x